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G Adventures



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G Adventures is definitely one of our favorites!  Canadian-owned and a real specialist in responsible travel. Their beleif is that travel has the power to be transformational for the traveler and the country traveled to and the people that live there.

Each trip has a Ripple Score that shows how much of your money spent in the destination stays in the local community!

They offer small-group travel in many styles from active, classic, marine to family, and 18-30 and many more. If your adventure is long or short, active or wellness center, or if you are traveling with a group or solo G Adventures is an incredible option!

 What G Adventure says:

G Adventures is an adventure travel company offering the widest selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris, and expeditions to more than 100 countries across seven continents. Our small group tours help you share yourself with the world. Yes, you. Because if you’re looking to travel, you’re the kind of person who’s open to seeing new places, trying new things, and learning about our differences all over the world.

Our tours are loaded with opportunities for shared experiences between you, your group, and the local people you meet during your journey. Not only that, G Adventures works with local businesses to help underserved communities benefit from the global travel economy and establish development projects in the places we visit. You can find more than 550 tours that promise life-changing ways to connect with the world.


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