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Do you want to chat about your next adventure? Click on the button to book a time and go over all your options! No obligation, we just love to talk adventure travel!

Exodus Travel small groups offer adventure for almost any traveler. Hiking, trekking, or cycling, Exodus has it all! An incredible company that is awesome to work with and gets you out on almost any kind of adventure! 

Want something a little bit more comfortable? Exodus's new premium trips are designed for you to get the most out of your journey. Enjoy guided tours of beautiful and exotic lands, with experienced guides, delicious meals, and luxurious accommodations.

We have done extensive training with Exodus and can definitely help with your planning!

What Exodus Travel says:

At Exodus, we love adventure travel and always have. There’s something about the feeling of visiting a new country, culture, or environment – whether that’s a mountain range, desert, or jungle – that just can’t be beaten. We first took a group of travelers to the Himalayas 45 years ago, and have since expanded to offer more than 500 itineraries across more than 90 countries. So, if you’re looking for adventure holidays, or are in need of some travel inspiration for your next activity holidays, you’ve come to the right place.

We are proud to say that 97% of our customers would recommend us to a friend: You can read feedback in our  Trip Review Centre. And it’s part of our mission to do things as responsibly as possible, without damaging the environment or disrupting local communities. In fact, we work with local guides, restaurants, and guest houses to positively impact their communities and to help you get closer to the heart and soul of the destinations that we travel to.

Our trips include walking and cycling tours that take in awe-inspiring scenery and breathtaking wildlife encounters. We have adventure holidays designed specifically for familiesmixed-activity holidays, and seasonal getaways, perfect for those interested in winter sports. There are unforgettable experiences in top destinations the world over. From your own African odyssey to a journey of discovery in Central America and pioneering expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, with Exodus, these are just some of the memories waiting to be made. Join us now for the adventure holiday of a lifetime.


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