About Us

We have always enjoyed adventure and travel, from spending a month in Vietnam, to climbing and biking and kayaking in Canada and the western US.

As our kids became older we wanted to show them how different and wonderful the world is! We were lucky to begin working through Red Deer Expedia Cruises. We have the luxury to be able to focus on the travel style we like which is family and adventure travel, most the time a combination of both!:)

I have extensive training with many adventure travel companies near and far, I also have the power of Expedia and the extensive experience of the Red Deer Expedia team!

You can reach out to me through our website, Social Media, or stop in at Trailhead Climbing and Fitness were my wife, Kristi, and myself, Phil, both work and run the climbing retail and climb with our family and friends!

If you would like to plan a new adventure please let us help!